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Unread postby LeeJ » 28 Oct 2019 22:05
When I open a file in PotPlayer, it starts spinning up the hard drive where I played recent files.

This is very undesirable for three reasons:

1. It means a file can take 10 seconds to open while the drive spins up
2. It adds unnecessary wear and tear to the drive
3. It makes the computer noisier (this is why I have my drives spin down)

Please can you stop Pot Player from accessing "recent file" locations at startup!
Unread postby V@no » 29 Nov 2019 03:23
Try: Preferences -> Playlist -> uncheck "Auto add similar files in play folder"

I'm unable test it with spinning up drives, but checking with Process Monitor, with that option enabled PotP scans the directory of last played file on startup, when disabled no access to the drive.
However for some reason PotP still accesses the root of drive when closing, disabling "Remember default playlist/recent URLs" seems to fix that...
How to replace ugly new yellow icon in PotPlayer with the old one or your own
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Unread postby Dreamer » 01 Dec 2019 01:40
I had the same problem, I had one old HDD connected, but not used too much, so I set it to "sleep" after 30 minutes.

PotPlayer, but also other programs started that HDD often, even Windows, without any reason, even after shut down pc, few seconds before PC was turned off, Windows started that HDD.

My solution was to move important files to one main HDD, disable "sleep after X minutes" option completely and I bought a hard disk rack for another HDD, so it's very easy to remove HDD and use it only if needed, mainly for backup.

Windows will start / wake up HDD too often, without any reason, so even if you'd solve the problem with PotPlayer, other programs and Windows would be a problem still.

I know it's not a solution you wanted, but consider it.
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