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Unread postby CureTheSane » 25 Oct 2019 10:29
Just discovered an issue when adding a playlist
Songs that have numbers in the title are omitted when adding to PotPlayer
eg: If I click on Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast, all songs are added to the playlist from that album.
Except one - 22 Acacia Avenue
This occurs with any song that starts with a number

If I click on the particular song it opens in PotPlayer but all by itself, with no otehr songs listed.

Any fixes?
Unread postby D2NP » 26 Oct 2019 01:42
select all files and play all:
Ctrl+A - Play all in potplayer

Preferences - General - When files opened: - Add all files of the same type to playlist
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This is NOT official support though. It is my contribution to Potplayer.
Unread postby CureTheSane » 05 Nov 2019 12:57
Thanks, tried the second option and that worked.
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