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Unread postby rainbow » 10 Mar 2019 04:12
I was wondering if there is a way to display the duration of the whole playlist? I'm using the youtube-skin, it shows the time elapsed / left in the current track, along with total time of current track... I would totally love a second pair of numbers there: Time elapsed / left in the playlist, and total time of the whole playlist.

Is it possible to put something like that in this skin?
Unread postby Dreamer » 10 Mar 2019 04:56
fMod skin has the option "total playlist time", I have requested also "total playlist remaining time", but it was not added (not sure why, if it's not possible or other reason). You can try that skin and try to change/add it - and ask the author of that skin, he should know the answer (if/how to add it).

Anyway, total playlist time works only for local files, not for stream and youtube videos.

BTW I'd like such an option too, total playlist remaining time, changing at least after file change, so the time will be for active and not-played files.
Unread postby rainbow » 18 Mar 2019 08:31
Aha, so it is possible... I don't want to give up the youtube-skin, but this would actually be a good reason to get into the skins files. Is there an introduction / how-to / tutorial somewhere on how to do skins for potplayer?

(Thanks Dreamer btw, I just realized you've been a massive help in all my dozens of questions :)
Unread postby Dreamer » 19 Mar 2019 04:57
You're welcome. I think there is no such tutorial, but you can open/unpack the skin, rename the extension to .zip and unpack it, edit and then pack and rename back.

Check the Skin forum for more help.
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