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Unread postby rainbow » 04 Mar 2019 17:47
This small snippet of silence between two tracks is really pretty annoying. Doesn't potplayer support gapless playback for audio? (For video apparently it does...) Or am I just to blind to find the tickbox?
Unread postby DVB Support » 07 Mar 2019 02:32
Select tracks in playlist > right-click on one of them > click on one of seamless playback option.
Unread postby rainbow » 10 Mar 2019 03:56
Thanks, I didn't find these options... Only 'preload and combine' really works though: With only 'preload' the gap is a lot shorter, but its still audible, with 'preload and append' nothing seems to be different at all (What is 'preload and append' supposed to do?)

Since I have a lot of live shows it would be great if I could save this setting (preload and combine' along with the playlist - is that possible somehow?
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