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Unread postby B101 » 18 Feb 2019 12:20
Hi all,

So I have this huge playlist that has been manually sorted and recently I moved all the video files into a different location. However, PotPlayer still remembers them by their original file path and can no longer find/play them after the change. Is there some sort of option to update the file paths without changing the order? If not, is there a way I can manually modify all the file paths in Excel or something and paste it back in?

Unread postby D2NP » 18 Feb 2019 15:46
- Open playlist window (F6)
- Select your playlist(album)
- Open playlist menu (right click in playlist area) - Album - Open playlist storage folder
- then, just edit your *.dpl (using text editor, Notepad++ for example), replace path to files.
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Unread postby B101 » 18 Feb 2019 16:37
That solves it. Thank you very much.
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