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Unread postby 카후치노 » 15 Jan 2019 00:40
(- I believe this problem was already mensioned in this forum, but I am posting again to remind dev team.
- Sorry for my terrible English. I went to Korean community and it was a disaster. It was unmaintained, users were posting adult * and i couldn't get any useful information. Please forgive me and correct me if i make weird mistake. Thanks in advance!)

Windows spits out there was some sort of problem with the default app settings and resets default video app (which is potplayer) to microsoft's own player. Also my desktop refreshes (blinks) crazy when default video player is set to potplayer.

I think there's some issues with the way potplayer registers itself to the system. I tried setting default app in the settings app, and in control pannel. Still, windows sometimes spits out errors and resets the default app.
Even if I successfully setted potplayer as default player, windows seems unhappy about it. Windows would randomly refresh my desktop for some reason. This happens when I open a file or folder via Open... or Save... dialogue or folder selection dialogue in ALL OF THE APPLICATION INSTALLED ON SYSTEM. Photoshop, ms word, excel, notepad, chrome, you name it. It literally happens in every application. When a dialogue opens up to save or open a file (or folder), system would refresh desktop or even whole explorer process.

I know this problem could be unique to my system, but when I switched to MPC-BE, all of the problems I mensioned above are gone. No more desktop refresh, no more extension reset.

Dev team, are you aware of this problem? What keeps you guys from fixing this bug? I love poyplayer and I want to use potplayer as my default player. This bug made me to use mpc instead of potplayer.

Potplayer users, are you experiencing this problem or is this problem exists only on my system

EDIT: Btw, i use Windows 10 Education October 2018 update (1809) and latest potplayer.
Unread postby Exchanged4 » 15 Jan 2019 00:53
Try /RegisterAll or /RegisterDef key for potplayermini.exe - it is what PP does when you install it. You can create shortcut/bat files and open it with admin rights - these commands recreate keys in registry.

/RegisterAll "Associate all files supported by PotPlayer."
/RegisterDef "Associate major files supported by PotPlayer.

>Also my desktop refreshes (blinks) crazy when default video player is set to potplayer.
May be bad video driver/render, try change it
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