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Unread postby Exchanged4 » 14 Jan 2019 22:53
Sorry I wrote not in extension theme, but it is not very active.
I do not like banding and MadVR is one of solution, give a lot of controlled shaders with it's own syntax.
Reshade developed mostly for games and it works like injector.
For example game use d3d9.dll library in win folder, usually you should place reshade's d3d9.dll in game folder (it has higher priority than win's dll), game loads reshade, reshade loads windows d3d9.dll. PotPlayer ingnore d3d9/dxgi/openg32 dll in PotPlayer's folders and Dev do not want to change it, may be somebody can write extension(script) which just load dll and accept it to any file (or videofile). For example, PotPlayer has libtorrent extension which loads on torrent files and magnet links and player use dll ( ).

Also you can use reshade with PotPlayer with any dll injector (as for me it works only in D3D11 render).

Or may be someone can port deband shader ... /Deband.fx
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