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Unread postby sideamailclub » 16 Sep 2018 03:43
I have a small problem & a small request regarding Potplayer.
Let me explain the problem with an example:
When i want to play a folder full of mp4 files, i right click the folder in Windows Explorer, the context menu appears and I click on "Play with Potplayer".
Potplayer opens, the first file plays and on the right side it shows all mp4 files in the playlist. (sorted by "Ascending order (A to Z)" and by "Title").
When i now change the sorting options to "Date" for example, it changes the playlist accordingly.
I see the videos with the newest date at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
Here comes the problem:
Now I exit Potplayer and do the same process again (right click folder->play with potplayer). But: It's not sorted by "Date". It's sorted by "Ascending order (A to Z)" and by "Title" again (even though it says it's sorted by "Date").
Potplayer remembered the setting but it didn't execute it.
Also: When I open a single file (with the option "Add all files of the same type to playlist" activated) unfortunately it's the same result. I hope you can fix this.
While you're at it I also have a request regarding the options in the playlist menu: In the "sort by" context menu it would be awesome if we had more options, specifically "Date Modified" (like the Program "Everything" (voidtools) has it).

That's all. Thanks for reading!
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