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Unread postby vertigo » 14 Sep 2018 09:17
I'd like an option to either select locations that files have to be in to be remembered or locations that are exempt from being remembered. Of course, it should include subdirectories as well. This would keep it from "remembering" a file in an ISO because it has the same name as one in another ISO, since the file names are just numbers.

Also, on an unrelated note, but I didn't want to spam the forum too much so I figured I'd just mention it here: when searching around for such an option, or anything to do with remembering files for that matter (I was unsuccessful), I found a couple issues with the "When Playback Finished" setting. It has a dot next to "Action : Shutdown" even though I didn't select that, and I'm assuming, since it's never shut down the computer on me, that it's not enabled, but it makes it look like it is. And if you do select it or one of the other options, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. The other issue is that Ctrl+Alt+A, which is supposed to cycle the playback finished action, doesn't work. I don't have any custom hotkeys set up that would override it. Going through the menu and clicking it cycles it, so the functionality is there, the shortcut just seems to be broken.
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