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Postby hayeled » 02 Aug 2018 09:58
I'm using default skin, Potplayer version 1.7.13622. Total noob, forgive clumsy wording. Talking about using mouse here, rather than shortcut keys.

By default, left clicking on the next/previous buttons/icons performs a ~10 second time skip. Right clicking advances to next file in the playlist (or goes back to previous).

I would instead like left click to go to next/previous file, and would like the ability to go forward/back by chapters (either by right clicking on the same icons, or by employing totally different icons/buttons).

Is this possible? Can't work it out looking at preferences, but I'm surprised it's not there given how deeply customisable everthing else is.

Postby hayeled » 04 Aug 2018 21:24
Thank you so much!
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