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Postby vertigo » 13 Jul 2018 01:43
When I rip a bluray then mount the ISO in a virtual drive, playing the files from that drive is very slow. It often takes several seconds for the player to load the file and start playing it, and during that time it is unresponsive, and so is the file explorer window. It even often causes the taskbar buttons to shuffle a bit, sometimes making the file explorer button move to the end of the taskbar. And if I try to interact with PotPlayer while it's loading, even just clicking on it, once it loads and starts playing the window will often jump.

VLC and WMP don't have this issue, and both play the files immediately without any problems. Moving the files to a normal folder and opening them works fine, so it's an issue with them being in a virtual drive. I tried three different virtual drive programs, and, while there seemed to be some difference between them, it was very minor, and even the best/fastest one was still quite slow. I recently upgraded my computer, and this is one of multiple reasons I went with a larger, faster SSD, so I could have the ISOs on that instead of before where they were on a HDD. Even with the ISO on my 960 Evo, a drive that is more than capable of providing immediate playback, the problem occurs. In fact, other players are much faster, usually immediate, with an ISO on a HDD, and PotPlayer also is for files in a regular folder on the HDD, so, again, it's clearly an issue specific to it being a virtual drive. It's almost as if PotPlayer thinks it's a physical drive (well, it does, as that's the point) and changes its behavior based on that, expecting the drive to be slow, as it doesn't realize it's just a virtual drive and is actually very fast.

My current OS is Win10x64, but I had the problem on Win7x64 as well. And it should be obvious, but the CPU and memory aren't the issue, either, as they're both more than capable. In fact, I could even try putting the ISO on a RAM disk, but it's doubtful it would matter based on everything else. I'd really like to get it to perform better in this situation; please let me know if there's any other info I can provide.
Postby D2NP » 16 Jul 2018 22:52
The developer can not confirm. He does not have problems with this.
I also have no problems with this

so try the latest beta version and reset the player settings
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