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Unread postby Naughtyhorse » 10 Jul 2018 07:14
Hi All,
A recent convert from VLC (Turns round 3 times and spits on floor). really happy with potplayer so far!
I have one niggle however.
I have a pair of 4k Monitors and while I can change colour/brightness/contrast etc on monitor 1, the controls have no effect with potplayer on screen 2.

new ish pc - i7 7700, 8GB ddr4, GTX1080Ti
2 generic (very cheap!) 4k panels: Electriq VM280UHD (screen 1 on DP1.0) AOC 2879G6 (screen 2 on HDMI - no DP cable available that is long enough to reach pc to screen!)
Not sure if it's due to my janky setup and gear or something up with the player.
I doubt either monitor knows what a gamut even is! let alone be able to display much of one, so i'm not expecting miracles. (the AOC one looks nicest)
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
apologies if this is repeat post, i did search and check before posting!
Unread postby Naughtyhorse » 14 Jul 2018 00:14
Well fixed ish...
For posterity, and anyone else with the same issue.
the problem seems to be due to having 1 monitor driven by DP and the other by HDMI. The HDMI output wouldn't respond to the control panel.
Moved things around, have both on DP and the problem went away.
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