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Unread postby Xenos » 23 Jun 2018 00:19

I was trying various suggestions for best settings of PotPlayer and I tried to enable DXVA:
Filter Control --> Video Decoder --> Built-in Video Codec/DXVA Settings: Use DXVA

I thought everything was OK, until I tried to play a file muxed from dvd to mp4, 720x576 resolution, 4x3 aspect ratio.
Then I realized that no matter what settings I used in:
General --> Start up --> Window size
Video --> Resize,
when I played this file, the size and the aspect ratio of the main PotPlayer window changed to 4x3.
When I played any other 16x9 video of higher resolution (1280x720, 1920x1080) the main window changed back to my default size.

Of course when I disable DXVA and set Video --> Resize: Always, I get no problem, all videos play inside a fixed size player.

Is somehow possible to use DXVA and keep the size of the player fixed?
For example, when playing a 4x3 video, to have black bars on the sides (letterbox), instead of changing the player's size?

Thanks in advance,

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