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Unread postby Vasya228 » 29 May 2019 05:36
Geeky skin based on original 'touch' pp skin.


It has 'cinema mode' which means timebar panel will be not available, so you don't know how much time has passed, how much is left. I think that timebar distracts the user and he can not dive into movie, but it's optional mode :)
Cinema mode (cinema frame icon) looks like

It developed mostly for subtitle users

These buttons are one click available
System/Program sound
Volume pre-amlification (boost)

Feature for subtitles
Bigger/lower suntitles font-size
Reduce/increase horisontal spacing for subtitles
Current/next subtitle command
Select/open subtitle
Select audiostream

Avisynth profiles
Copy current screenshot to clipboard/save to file
increase/decrease playback speed

Playlist button is always available

Download (extract to potplayer folder)
Unread postby ProfessorStormy » 15 Sep 2019 10:22
I get error on VK which says translated something like "The Document is only accessible for Owner"

Greetings, Chris
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