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Unread postby rainbow » 25 Feb 2019 10:23
The title says most of it - I have an .AVI-file, and along with it two subtitle files, one is for all of the dialogue, the other one is 'forced' (which, as I recently learned, means subtitles that are necessary to understand the plot, e.g. klingon, I imagine).

So my two .srt-files have the same name as the .avi, one ends on '', the other one on ''.

Potplayer loads both of them when I start the video, but no matter how I rename the .srt-files, the whole-dialogue-english one always is displayed by default. Is it the file size, does potplayer always show the biggest .srt by default?

Or how do I control which .srt is turned on from the start when more than one are present?
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