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Unread postby transam98 » 07 Sep 2018 15:25
So is there a way that I can set a DEFAULT that it opens full screenS....

my screens are setup as following...
3 ACROSS TOP and 3 down side... (see pic if it allows me to attach)

Screen res's are 1920x1080 each
so im guessing that would be 5760x3240

Right now I have to open a video and DRAG Potplayer across all to get it to play over all 9 screens ! (and soon im going up to 12 ahha)

thanks for anyone that can help me ! :)
In the attached URL of a image it IS stretched across all 9 screens manually (this video doesnt have video pic in the top half of the video that is why the top 3 screens are blank....)(just a fyi)
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