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Unread postby smoothnobody » 22 Oct 2017 02:04

potplayer currently does not playback HDR content on it's own. we have to install an additional video renderer called madVR. while potplayer does offer support for madVR, it's rather inconvenient having to install additional software to properly playback HDR content. most people do not know we need madVR and it took me a whole day of reading and posting in forums to figure out i need this. it would be nice if this was included in your download or if you guys developed your own HDR video renderer.


once madVR is installed, if i go to preferences>video>video renderer and select madshi video renderer it displays HDR content properly in windowed mode, but when i switched to full screen i get a black screen. the only way i was able to get HDR working in full screen was to switch to madshi, play the video, close potplayer, open potplayer, switch the video renderer to auto, play the video again. long story short, you guys need to work on your HDR playback. it's currently alot easier to play HDR content with media player home cinema.
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