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Unread postby baleine » 08 Aug 2020 14:43
I have w10 1809 up to date, PP [200730] 64 bit, cpu is intel i5 8th gen.

I decided to check if the number for ''Playback speed'' was like I understand it. For me when I set a Playback speed of x12, it means that, for instance, 60s of the video will be played in 60/12 seconds in real life.

I have a video of length 23minutes 20 seconds, this is 1400 seconds. I play it at speed x12 and I measure the duration it took to play the full video. It was 4 minutes, ie 240 seconds.
So if the Playback speed was really x12, the time to watch the video would be 1400/12 = 116 seconds, but I had to sit for 4 minutes.

Another video. length is 29m41s, playback speed is x5. I needed 5m and 55s to play it. This time the playback speed is accurate: [29mx60s+41s]/[5mx60s+55s] = 5
Then I played the same video at speed x12. I needed 5m33s to play it.

Can you guys confirm this measure? What does Playback speed actually means in potplayer ?
Unread postby baleine » 17 Feb 2021 16:05
anybody can confirm this?
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