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Unread postby sideamailclub » 30 Dec 2019 00:35
Hello, here are some enhancements that would make the Playlist better:

1. cut, copy, paste and rename: These options are usually only available in the Windows Explorer. For images i use FastStone Image Viewer, and there you can actually use these options pretty effectively, especially if you have two monitors. Potplayer would also benefits from that I feel like. At this time you can already do cool stuff like deleting videos to completely or put them into the recycle bin with SHIFT+DEL. Renaming also works which is awesome, but Cut, Copy & Paste is missing. This is very unfortunate. Also how Cut, Copy & Paste would work: If you'd use cut on a video for example, it's stored in the Windows Clipboard rather than the Potplayer clipboard, so you can then go the Windows Explorer and paste it there for example.

2. switch to playlist with the keyboard: Usually you have to mark a video with your mouse and then you can use your playlist hotkeys. can you add a keyboard shortcut to switch between taking focus on the video and the playlist?
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