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Unread postby simakuutio » 17 Aug 2019 23:20
Noticed this strange thing which is also visible in some other players too (VLC Windows for example):

Radio Station (or random stream) have 'placeholder' stream with some audio clip running (usually playing some audio file on loops when real broadcast is not online). Potplayer connects to that stream without problems just like expected. But while playing, if real stream comes online, Potplayer keeps playing that placeholder clip and doesn't notice this change on stream. I don't know if icecast send some "bit" within metadata which causes this minor problem. Of course, if potplayer is forced to refresh stream, new stream starts playing properly. But automatic switch between those two doesn't work. And just like I mentioned, potplayer isn't only player which can't handle this situation properly. Many player (like Winamp and FooPlayer) doesn't have any problems with this.

I think this should be relatively easy to reproduce and debug.

Software versions:
Potplayer 1.7.19955
Icecast server: 2.4.3 (linux)
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