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Postby Dreamer » 07 Dec 2017 07:40
I have already requested [REQ] Auto-install feature, sub-request to remember setup options, this is just another idea...

PP is almost perfect, I like updating and testing each version, but it's so annoying, I have to do this every time:
- run setup
- click Yes
- wait
- click OK
- wait
- click Next, I agree
- now uncheck 2 options
- check "none" associations
- click Next
- click Install
- wait
- uncheck some options
- click Close
- wait

My suggestion is to skip these same unnecessary steps using:

- Express installation - add this button to the first setup dialog, then use last used setup options (especially associations) and skip any other dialogs, questions, confirmations.

PP already auto-close last setup dialog, which is nice, but during the installation there are multiple delays, unpacking, copying, downloading additional files...
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