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Unread postby Another Dimension » 02 Dec 2017 06:32

I notice when i double click on the title bar to maximize the window, it's causing play/pause the video and it's very annoying.

Step to reproduce the issue :
- Assign single mouse click play/pause (from General > Mouse > Left button click).
- Choose Windows frame skin.
- Resize window size for e.g. 600 x 400 and the position in the center (important to reproduce the bug).
- Double click on the title bar.

Expected behavior:
Double click on title bar should maximize the window only, without causing play/pause.

Assigned single mouse click to play/pause.

Thanks in advance.
Unread postby 감자사랑 » 04 Dec 2017 17:29
According to the dev, it is the default behavior of Windows.
That is, a single click occurs even after a double click is executed.
In other words, once a double-click is executed, it is normal for a single click to work because the region is not already in the title area. Other programs are the same.
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Unread postby Another Dimension » 04 Dec 2017 21:08
This does not make any sense.

Let assume according what the dev says "a single click occurs even after a double click is executed" because the default behavior of Windows.

So if assigning a single click "Full Screen" it should after double click on title bar go "Full Screen" that will be sense right? according what the dev says.
But this will never happen, so is sense to say it's a bug related to play/pause.

Try to compare it with other programs like VLC, MPC-HC, KMPlayer and other programs you will never experience this behavior so is sense to say it's a bug.

This Bug:
Exactly if assigned single left mouse click to play/pause.

If the dev don't want to waste his time trying to fix this bug I will understand that.
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