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Unread postby Dreamer » 27 Nov 2017 02:13
I'm using option to use only one instance, but sometimes I want to run another instance.

I already requested Command line option:
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/new                  : Starts PP in the new instance*

* = ignore preferences option

I'm using 64 and 32 bit versions as workaround, but it's not so convenient, I have to switch 1st PP instance to window mode, then open another PP instance, switch 1st PP to fullscreen and then Alt+Tab to other PP.

My requests for PIP (Picture-in-picture) workaround:

- option in menu and for hotkey to open new PP instance (in window mode, if possible) (ignore one instance option)
- existing option in playlist, right click on item - "Play within a new instance" (currently it's greyed-out if one instance option is used)
- in playlist click with middle click button to open item in new instance (in window mode, if possible, not so important)

Perhaps also additional option for PIP window - custom size and position, but it's not so important.

It would be useful for:
- Digital/analog tv (combination with IPTV, or same frequency)
- when listening to radio/music while watching a video/tv
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