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Unread postby michaellinder » 25 Nov 2017 08:16
Until recently, we had the option to save bookmarks only to .PBF files. Now, in Version 1.7.5545 the ability to display all bookmarks from all bookmarked files in the Bookmark Editor has slowed Potplayer greatly. Bookmarks for files not being played can be hidden, but they are still being written to a now much-larger .INI file — 40 mb in my case — which takes Potplayer64 :40 to write and save on closing.

If "Save to .INI" is unchecked, we lose our custom program settings.

Playing a file accompanied by a .PBF file saved earlier will use these bookmarks, but also write them to .INI which will soon increase greatly as more of these files are played.

Perhaps there is a way to display in Bookmark Editor only the names if files which have been bookmarked, but not displayi all of those bookmarks until a bookmarked file is selected and not writing the entire list of bookmarks to .INI. Your call, but this is a serious issue for users such as me.

Thank you.
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