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Postby christmwpot » 10 Nov 2017 04:01
First, I'd like to thank the developer to have finally added tiles view in the file navigator. I've been requesting this for a long time. A few suggestions :
1. Add a toggle to show/hide icons (like how it's done in playlist settings
2. Add the same "processing modes" as the ones available when creating a Playlist using the local file navigator. Those are : "Browse default folder", "show files only" and "Show files only (including subfolders). I'd like especially the last to view all videos at once in the default folder.
3. If possible, make search look inside subfolders
4. The ability to select multiple videos and a right click context menu.
5. Add a way to increase/decrease thumbnails sizes independently of the font size. Currently, if you want to increase the thumbnails, you have to increase the font size.
6. Display video titles on more than one line (currently showing on one line and titles are cut off)
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