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Unread postby Exchanged » 09 Nov 2017 05:05
Hey). I tired to switch profile between usual movies and YT.

Why are they different? For movies I use direct3d11, coz it fast for heavy loads (big videos+SVP). In YouTube it makes video lag.
YouTube video quality if compare with others - very bad.

I use deband at least, it makes YT big videos more tasty. If user watchs YT on PP it's obviously in most cases he want to improve quality.

Why does quality is so important? For different qulities you need different profiles, coz image improvement on low quality videos can damage playing on high quality videos. It can makes CPU overload (especially with something like SVP).

So, improvements on heavy videos are useless and can damage playing, imho, there is should be at least 2 conditions for profile selection:
1. Stream source, coz best-fastest Direct3d render not works on YT correctly, but EVR uses more CPU (it's important on weak PC/SVP). EVR good for YT and low quality videos (if CPU not very fast or you use something like SVP)
2. Bitrate/resolution/quality of source file: if bitrate-qulity too low, profile with imrovements is useful, if bitrate and quality very high, improvements mostly useless and dangerous
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