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Postby Dreamer » 17 Oct 2017 04:54
I suggest these new command line options. Some of them exist also as GUI options, some are alternatives to missing options. Using these options might also help to reduce the number of presets.

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/volume[index]        : Change volume (e.g. "/volume75" to change PP volume to 75%)*
/same                 : Starts PP in existing instance*
/new                  : Starts PP in the new instance*
/minimized            : Starts PP minimized (useful for audio)*
/fullscreen           : Starts PP in fullscreen*
/clearhistory         : Remove all items from history
/defaultpreferences   : Starts PP with default preferences (useful for testing, don't change custom preferences in registry or .ini)*
/language[filename]   : Starts PP with this language file (e.g.languageenglish)*
/autohideplaylist     : Force auto-hidden attached playlist at start also in window
/exit                 : Exit PP (useful with other options, scheduler)
/speed[Xx]            : Default playback speed Xx, e.g. /speed1.5x
/audiosync[index]     : Default audio sync shift e.g. /audiosync+0.5s or /audiosync-0.5s
/removenonexistitems  : Remove non-exist items from playlist

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/positionlast         : Window position on screen - last used*
/positioncentered     : Window position on screen - centered*
/positiontopleft      : Window position on screen - top-left corner*
/positiontopright     : Window position on screen - top-right corner*
/positionbottomleft   : Window position on screen - bottom-left corner*
/positionbottomright  : Window position on screen - bottom-right corner*
/position[XxY]        : Window position on screen - custom (X=width, Y=height, e.g. 736x0)*
/size[XxY]            : Window size X x Y (X=width, Y=height, e.g. 800x600)*

* = ignore preferences option

I found one option to remove history in custom hotkey dialog, I'm not sure if all history items are removed, it's under Misc > Other > "Remove history of opened files from the file open dialog".

Few more options, not so important, for Digital TV, recording, for using in schedulers:

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/dtv[:ch[-index]]  : Open Digital TV
/allch             : Record all channels in the same band
/atv[:ch]          : Open Analog TV
/rec               : start recording
/recstop           : stop recording
/rec[time]         : start recording and stop after [time] minutes
/renderless        : do not render video

Example, to start PP minimized, record channel 1 for 120 minutes and exit PP:
/dtv1 /rec120 /renderless /minimized /exit
Postby Karval » 04 Nov 2017 23:09
I agree with at least 1 command : "/speed[Xx] : Default playback speed Xx, e.g. /speed1.5x".
I usually watch videos at 1.5x.
Postby muhammadshawky93 » 05 Nov 2017 14:05
Karval wrote:I agree with at least 1 command : "/speed[Xx] : Default playback speed Xx, e.g. /speed1.5x".
I usually watch videos at 1.5x.

I agree with you
Postby rseiler » 23 Nov 2017 16:17
Another good one would be "On top" or "Keep on top while playing."
Postby Dreamer » 25 Nov 2017 09:19
rseiler - when you need other option than "Keep on top while playing"?
Postby rseiler » 27 Nov 2017 04:02
When? When you want the player to stay on top. Sometimes that's wanted, sometimes not.
Postby Dreamer » 27 Nov 2017 04:25
Perhaps I was unclear, usually "always on top" is unwanted/not needed while video is paused and wanted while it's playing, so I just wonder in which situation the option "Keep on top while playing" is not enough for you.

BTW you can use/assign also a hotkey(s) to change "always on top" option.
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