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Postby Dreamer » 16 Sep 2017 08:12
I remember some program had this feature, it's similar to desktop mode, when video is shown instead of desktop background, so it's possible to click, just show video in window, always on top, but when I click within the window area, it works as if the window is not there, action behind the window should be performed - so show the window.

For example, if the PP video window is on top-left window, transparent (opacity 70%), desktop icons would be partly visible, if I'd click the icon recycle bin, it would just open the recycle bin, so it would be possible to click the objects behind the PP video window.

Option "click through mode", menu item and hotkey (customizable).

- if enabled, turn on the "click through mode" and set transparency on
- if disabled, turn off the "click through mode" and set transparency off

It would be useful if surfing the web and watch the video in small window, currently I have to move the video window away if I want to click the link. It would be useful also if playing a game and watching the video, transparent, in window, it would be possible to click within the video window - click "through" the window.

It's not easy to explain, I tried, if you need more info, just ask.
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