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Postby Dreamer » 15 Sep 2017 07:28
When using the playlist quick search field - when I type text, press Enter, item is found and focused, when I press Enter again, another found item is focused, I need to press Tab and Enter to open/play item.

I have few suggestions:

- Tab key switch between search field and playlist items, but there is no such item, to assign the same function as Tab key, just customizable, could you add such hotkey for playlist hotkeys?

- When the item is found, when I press Enter and item is focused, it would be better to toggle between found items with up/down keys (instead of Enter) and directly play the focused item with Enter, so it would work like this:
- type text, press Enter (press up/down keys), press Enter to play.

- Another mode: Quick filter (as option), it would work like this:
- type text, all found items would be filtered automatically, press Enter to switch to first matching item, pressing Enter would play the item, pressing up/down keys would change the focused item, Enter would play the focused item.
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