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Unread postby Dreamer » 14 Sep 2017 06:18
Favorites is a very useful feature, but it's quite limited now, only files and folders can be added - and it's quite "hidden" in menu, access to Favorites is limited. Here are few suggestions which could improve this feature...

Item support suggestions:
- Digital TV channels, e.g. in CMD form "/dtv[:ch[-index]]" (for channel #1 "/dtv1")
- Analog TV channels, e.g. in CMD form "/atv[:ch]" (for channel #1 "/atv1")
- Playlist - I mean playlist-in-playlist, .m3u .m3u8 playlist as favorite item
- /dvd to Open DVD
- /cd[:drive] to Open a cd drive

For adding a TV channel (analog or digital), it should be possible to switch to channel #1, add to favorites, channel 1 would be added to favorites, including a channel name.

Access suggestions:
- Favorites only hotkey (show only Favorites without Playlists, This PC and Add/Edit/View items)
- (alternate to previous suggestion) show Favorites on top, then show Add/Edit/View items below and then Playlists, This PC
- Option to show Favorites content as Playlist tab
- Option to show Favorites as "panel"/"bar", which could be attached/detached, as playlist, just attached on the other (left) side
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