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Unread postby Dreamer » 08 Sep 2017 01:22
I'm using PP in window mode often, while surfing the web. When I activate PP window, then move a mouse cursor away from PP window, over the web browser (and I forget to click it to activate it), when I start scrolling down with mouse wheel, volume of the PP is changed to zero. I have to switch back to PP, fix the volume, click the web browser window.

It's even worse for me, since I have a mouse with fast wheel switch, so if I just touch the wheel, volume is changed to zero immediately.

Please disable mouse wheel when it's out of the PP window.

I know it's possible to deactivate mouse wheel if it's not within the program window, another program has the same issue and it was changed, fixed, wheel now works only if it's over that program window, it's disabled if it's out of it.

BTW, also web browsers have such a feature, Google Chrome for example.
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