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Postby Dreamer » 07 Sep 2017 02:29
I know lot of PP users don't like the new yellow icon, but it looks it won't be changed back completely. Personally I don't care too much, but I think it may look better, even if the yellow/white/back colors would be preserved and the style won't be change too much.

The problem is, that it has no black outline and the text "Player" is useless there, it's not even the player name, it's "PotPlayer". PP has such an option, in Subtitles > Font style, even 2nd Outline, so why not the main icon?

Good example is the AIMP icon, it's orange, but it looks good just because of black outline, so here's example for AIMP with and without outline:

Image >> Image

Now the original PP icon and my suggestions with outline:

Image >> Image Image Image

Of course, the quality is not perfect, it's just an example, with some 3D effects it would look better.
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