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Postby Dreamer » 26 Aug 2017 05:04
This would be useful for maintaining the backup, transferring the settings to other devices, beta testing, using multiple versions...

Ideally it might be like this:

- custom folder for preferences (without history items)
- custom folder for history items, positions...

If not possible, is there at least a way to find the paths for all, or some settings?
I know the path for these:

Registry - all or most settings (if not using option to save to .ini file)
PotPlayerMini64.ini - PP install folder - all or most settings
PotPlayerMini64.ptn - PP install folder - playlist thumbnails(?)
*.dpl - PotPlayer\Playlist - default and custom playlists
*.asx - PotPlayer\UrlList - URL list, saved URLs
*.dsf - PotPlayer\Skins - PP skins
TV Timeshift - RAM ?
Preferences > Location - custom paths for multiple items

This last existing option is a good example, just two new items, for Preferences and History.
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