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Unread postby aruegr » 28 Jul 2017 18:37
Hi, so I have little vacation/family videos I regularly send to families and friends, I crop the video length before sending to cut down on file size. It's a really simple and quick crop and for its intended purpose the quality really doesn't matter, therefore I don't feel like installing or booting up a full-featured video editor software whenever I do this.

As of now I always use kmplayer's built in video capture because it has the option to set start and end time when cropping the video and also the feature to queue multiple such operations, I find that really convenient but kmplayer is infested with ads and I'd love to be able to finally uninstall it for good :P

It'd be great if potplayer have this little added option (and maybe a queue thing too) in the already existing "Video Recorder" window

Thanks in advance!
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