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Unread postby bloodhand » 18 May 2020 03:41
Whenever I use the subtitle searching system, PotPlayer is not finding all available subtitles using OpenSubtitles. It also happens when I click "search subtitles from opensubtitles", I get this link which gives me only Portuguese Brazilian subtitles:[0]=New%20Amsterdam&hash[0]=6f6282cf0c4bc5a4&size[0]=0000000088347ab4

Any suggestions why this happens?

I tried with multiple files and it seems it searches for the movie using file size/hash. Perhaps this way I only get subtitles for the exact matching version on the movie. But most of the times you can use subttiles made for other releases. So my question is: how and where can I change the settings so that the search subtitle system searches using the title and NOT the file hash/size or release name?
Unread postby Havokdan » 18 May 2020 19:16
I heard about it, I'm not sure, but the website opensubtitles changed their api, the change was that only registered users on the site can search and download subtitles, due to the high demand generated by Covid19.
Unread postby bloodhand » 19 May 2020 20:04
Using the website you can download all subtitles without an account. Also I do have an account an have it setup in the settings in potplayer, but that makes no difference.

I think the method of searching is the problem. In PotPlayer and MPC-HC they now search using the file size and hash data. So for example if you download a 1080p version of a movie and there is no subtitle for that specific release (which has a certain file size), it won't give you the available subtitles for other releases. The script doesn't search only using the title, but also using the file size and hash. This can be seen in the*. as file in potplayer folder. I will try and modify the code so that it will not search by file size and hash anymore. Maybe it will work.
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