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Unread postby bastik » 20 Dec 2014 20:37
I used another player that was able to do that, before it went in a direction I disliked. I'm using PotPlayer since then and missed that feature. I came here to ask if I am overlooking something or if it can be added.

I checked version 1.6.51480 for what I wanted to do and I found it. Namely PotPlayer to minimize to tray and make it come back up without having to use the mouse.

The following picture shows that it is possible via the menu, as it toggles the window from the tray or taskbar to its previous state.

That is great, because that means it is possible to add a global hotkey to that function.

1) Open the Preferences (F5) > General > Keyboard
2) Click "Add"
3) Select the checkbox to create a global hotkey (required to make it work when PotPlayer has no key-focus
4) Enter the desired (global) hotkey (has not to be used by any other function or program)
5) Select the function "Minimize (to Taskbar/Tray)"
6) Click "OK" to save the hotkey
7) Click "OK" or "Apply" to save the settings

Now you can use this global hotkey to toggle PotPlayer from and to the Taskbar/Tray.

Unread postby bastik » 20 Dec 2014 22:16
This does also work with multiple instances, but it applies only to the first instance.
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