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Unread postby JHYC » 23 Aug 2018 18:43
Some of the mp4 video clips suddenly can't play after update to v1.7.13622, the player hanged after I open the video file but the file could play normally in other player (VLC), can anyone please help me to solve?

Many thanks
Unread postby D2NP » 23 Aug 2018 19:13
Try beta version
and try reset settings:
Preferences - Reset

Attach the sample file
if it does not help.
Always try the latest beta version (x32 only) before continuing a discussion here.
When you have a problem (Follow steps 1,2,3)
This is NOT official support though. It is my contribution to Potplayer.
Unread postby JHYC » 24 Aug 2018 02:44
Many Thanks D2NP, the reset method works, and all files play normally now.
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