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Unread postby Dreamer » 09 Aug 2018 01:27
In previous versions I could use LAV splitter for MKVs, to play only FORCED subtitles, plus some more conditions - together with PP option "Turn off subtitles with*:".

It was working perfect, for MKVs I had always the subtitles I needed, in non-MKVs, esp. MPEG2/MPEG4 I had no subtitles if the audio and subtitle stream was the same language.

...BUT from version +- 1.7.13621, the option "Turn off subtitles with*:" is used also if LAV splitter is active, so it's ignored. I had to remove "Turn off subtitles with*:" option, then LAV works with MKVs, but subtitles are used for MPEG2/4 even if not needed, mostly it's DVB subtitles for IPTV/DVB records.

Why it was changed? Now I have to turn on subtitles manually for MKVs, really annoying for TV-series with 20 episodes - or turn off subtitles for IPTV/DigitalTV/DVB records, each time I switch a TV channel - even more annoying. :|

Possible solutions / workarounds:

- Change it back, as it was before - ignore "Turn off subtitles with*:" option if LAV is loaded
- Use LAV splitter for MPEG2/4
- Use another splitter for MPEG2/4
- Use 2 presets with different option "Turn off subtitles with*:"

All in all, using another preset is a good workaround, so if anyone else have the same problem, use presets, but I still don't understand why it was changed.
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