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Unread postby Kulagin » 06 Jul 2018 03:56
So I record videos in video games I play. And then when I watch games I played, I use time jump function a lot. I use arrow keys to jump 5 seconds backward and 5 seconds forward a lot. I also use jump to previous and next frames functions a lot. Sometimes I scroll frame by frame for 10-20 seconds of video@60 FPS.

My problem is that when I check Jump to keyframe checkbox:

When I use arrows, it doesn't jump exactly 5 seconds backwards and 5 seconds forward, it also breaks frame by frame scroll: when I press D(jump to previous frame), it doesn't go back 1 frame immediately, it still shows frame at which I paused my video for a long time. And sometimes it doesn't go to previous frame at all, I have to go back for 3-5 frames for it to actually show previous frames(and it isn't a problem of my video, because if I uncheck Jump to keyframe checkbox, this problem disappears). Here's an example of that:

When I uncheck Jump to keyframe checkbox, frame by frame scroll works a little quicker but still not as fast as I'd like it to:

But then when I uncheck Jump to keyframe checkbox it desyncs video and audio when I use arrows to jump 5 seconds backward of forward:

What I'm trying to achieve is:
1. Make frame by frame scroll quick.
2. Make arrow jumps precise and quick.
3. Fix desync of video and audio problem when I use arrows.

I use OBS to record my games and here are settings I use:

What can I do to fix my problems? Maybe I should change some x264 settings I use to record my games in OBS? And maybe I can use some other video decoders and splitters(I use built-in atm) to fix it? Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
Unread postby D2NP » 09 Jul 2018 17:36
Maybe set OBS's key frame interval to 1.

According to the dev.
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Unread postby nitzi » 15 Aug 2018 01:52
Uncheck jump to keyframe and it will jump by 5 seconds
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