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Unread postby Robertbangay » 27 Mar 2018 09:38 do I get the video to loop? thank you
Unread postby D2NP » 27 Mar 2018 20:31
Menu - Playback - A-B Repeat (B key) - and set Starting Point (A) and Ending point (B) ([ and ] key)
Menu - Playback - Repeat Playback - Enable: Repeat playing file
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This is NOT official support though. It is my contribution to Potplayer.
Unread postby asdfasdfasdf » 07 Sep 2018 15:14
Thank you... very difficult to find this. Would be nice to have a button on the playlist screen: toggle repeat 1, all, or off.
Unread postby Dreamer » 08 Sep 2018 02:48
You can use alternate skin with the Repeat button, for example fMod or SplashPot from D2NP.

Or set a hotkey in Preferences > General > Keyboard > Playback > Repeat Playback > Cycle repeat playback.
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