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Unread postby Jericho » 04 Feb 2018 05:00
I have a problem with potplayer, where audio and video is almost ALWAYS out of sync on longer movies. I thought for some time, that it might be my PC getting too slow, but today, out of frustation, I tried downloading VLC, and the audio was in perfect sync through the whole movie.

But the truth is, I still prefere PotPlayer over VLC, so is there anyone, who has had the same problem, and might have a fix, for the out of sync audio (or maybe the video is out of sync, who knows)?

Best Regards J.

And in advance I apologies, if this is the wrong place, I have posted my question. I am new to this forum.
Unread postby 감자사랑 » 04 Feb 2018 05:43
How did you configure potplayer?

Reset Potplayer in preferences and try again. It's the first thing you need to try.

If Potplayer was configured with external filters or madVR, it shouldn't be compared with VLC.

Generally, Potplayer runs more lightly than VLC under Windows environment if it is not configured heavily.
Always try the latest beta version (x32 only) before continuing a discussion here.
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