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Unread postby chlywly » 20 Oct 2017 02:20
I would like for the player to keep the custom window size based on the last size I manually set by dragging. ie) I have a file that is 1080p+ but I resize the window smaller, when I throw a new video file into the player that is 1080p it resizes currently to the full dimensions, but i'd rather it keep the custom size I have set while the video player is open. Make sense?
Unread postby 감자사랑 » 26 Oct 2017 09:29
There are two settings related to your question.

One is the size when potplayer is launched.
In preferences - general - startup - when starting - windows size: Change it to "last used or custom size".

The other one is the size when video playback is started.
In preferences - playback - default window size: Change it to "do not use" ("do not change" is correct translation).
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Unread postby Dreamer » 27 Oct 2017 02:36
If you mean that you drag&drop another file to PP window with the first video, there is a very useful option just for this purpose:

Preferences > Playback > "Operate only with the first playback at a runtime".

For "default window size" you can use "custom", "1x", "do not use" or any option, but it will be used only with the first video, if you resize PP window then, the size will be the same when you drop any files to PP window.
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