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Postby DaveK » 30 Sep 2017 23:07
I would like to configure Pot Player for a presentation mode where the video will display full screen on an external monitor while all playback controls & timeline remain on the laptop monitor. I have searched through Preferences and made several attempts but I can't figure out how to separate the playback controls portion from the video image.

Can you recommend specific settings or a skin that will allow video on one screen and all other controls & menus on a separate screen?

Thank you!
Postby D2NP » 01 Oct 2017 02:11
Maybe this?

Preferences - Playback - Fullscreen - Extend video image to

Postby DaveK » 02 Oct 2017 23:07
Thanks, I've gone that route but I can't seem to move the controls and timeline (portion) from the full screen external monitor back to the laptop screen.

I'm guessing it may require a different skin, I'm hoping for a recommendation.
Postby 감자사랑 » 03 Oct 2017 06:45
Always try the latest beta version (x32 only) before continuing a discussion here.
This is NOT official support though. It is my contribution to Potplayer.

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