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Postby Dreamer » 28 Aug 2017 22:42
When I start PP, with the custom window size and position, it doesn't work the same in different situations:

- When starting PP from file manager, with a file, playlist is auto-hidden.
- When I start PP as .exe/shortcut, without a file, playlist is next to the main window, not auto-hidden.

The problem is, that I'm using window size and position in the top right desktop corner, so the playlist is off screen (invisible). If I would change the custom window position, it would not fit to the top right corner if starting with a file.

Currently I have to click the playlist button to disable it, then again to enable, then the window is larger, because playlist is not auto-hidden. When I start any file (from playlist), window size and position is corrected and playlist is auto-hidden.

I need the playlist when starting without a file for IPTV list.

Is there any way / option, how to start PP the same way, with or without a file, to always open PP with playlist auto-hidden?
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