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Unread postby Xenos » 17 Apr 2018 04:07
I've set PotPlayer to have a custom size on startup, like this:
Preferences --> General --> Startup --> Window size: Custom size 896x504

So, when I play video files they all fit inside a window with fixed dimensions, like in picture 1.!UdQSVJJB!kicd33irqcfd ... b802gUdF4A

However, when I play an audio file, the player window shrinks to a much thinner rectangle, like in picture 2.!dQB2xDTT!7WScIkKsF8ap ... m2HWGgIyUk

I drag the bottom of the player down to fit the dimensions I want (to see the cover or visualizations as if they were a video file), like in picture 3.!wYBXXAjD!iN_Msrovok-m ... H23d3Juhng

When I continue playing audio files, the player keeps these dimensions.
However, when I play a video file the dimensions change, like in picture 4 (probably because the extra panel for audio files dissapears for video files).!9I41WYpR!2TT4rumT8vZK ... 9QZzR8HdrU

My real problem is this: If I play an audio file after playing a video, then the player shrinks back to the thin rectangle (picture 2).

I can have the player to go back to my prefered dimensions when I play a video right after an audio file, by setting:
Playback --> Playback settings --> Default window size: Custom: 896x504

But when I play an audio file again, it's back to the thin shape.

I tried numerous combinations of settings, but I couldn't make PotPlayer apply the same dimensions of video files, also to audio files when they are mixed in the playlist. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance
Unread postby D2NP » 17 Apr 2018 04:43
Preferences - General - Skins - Keep window size while switching between skin modes
Always try the latest beta version (x32 only) before continuing a discussion here.
When you have a problem (Follow steps 1,2,3)
This is NOT official support though. It is my contribution to Potplayer.
Unread postby Xenos » 17 Apr 2018 05:39
Amazing, thank you!
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