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Unread postby Ennergizer » 07 May 2019 22:30

Is there anyone here who could help build an extension that will help people track what they watched using Simkl API ? Similar functionality to Windows players tracker

I would love to reward with $100 to anyone who can create one.

Simkl is a TV, Anime and Movie tracking service. Simkl API has an option to detect tv shows, anime and movies by filename and folder path ... ie-by-file.

So here's what the extension should do if possible:

1. On video file open after 60 seconds send file search API request ... ie-by-file to detect what you are watching
2. At 75% of watched time send a second request to Add item to watched history with detected Simkl ID\episode ... ng-history

You can DM me directly (Andrew Masyk) on Simkl discord channel to get started.

The API needs a token thought to be able to post in the user's profile. We can provide the auth token on a separate page for potplayer on Simkl web page.
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