Talk about PotPlayer's Extensions function (AngelScript) or Web browser extensions
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Unread postby guest » 10 Oct 2018 06:54
Thanks for Extensions, it's great that we can add support for our favorite music/video sites. But now there is one serious problem: we can control UserAgent/Referrer/Cookies of http requests inside .as scripts, but not in the final request to media file that PotPlayer doing after the end of .as script's work. Please add this option! This is very important becouse there are a lot of music/video sites that use anti-leech protection based on UserAgent/Referrer/Cookies.

For instance you can add some options to MetaData dictionary: MetaData["UserAgent"]/MetaData["Referrer"]/MetaData["Cookie"] or just MetaData["Header"] and if it's set then PotPlayer will use it in the final request to the media file. I believe it's not hard to implement this but it's very important for users. Thanks!
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