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Unread postby lukeflegg » 18 Jul 2018 05:52
I just posted this (and another issue) in a post in the general forum but perhaps this specific part is more skin-related:

Annoying rounded corners of app window
I frequently close the player by moving my cursor to the very top right corner of my screen and clicking, but because the skin is kinda stupidly designed with rounded corners, I just click the window behind. Every time. Every other app on my computer allows my to 'throw' my cursor to the top right corner and click to close apps, but now I have to much more carefully place my click on my 4K second monitor and it's a real shame. Any ideas how to improve this?

Thanks muchly
Unread postby Yin Cognyto » 20 Jul 2018 05:55
As far as I know, the default PotPlayer skin doesn't have rounded corners. If you use another PotPlayer skin that is visually round cornered, the commands in that skin always take rectangles (thus not round cornered) as their clickable area, so even if it seems you clicked "outside" a rounded corner, the command should still work, as the rounded corner effect is only visual, not practical. Of course, assuming you do press the mouse inside the button's clickable area...

If you don't believe me, take a look at this skin (yeah, I made it, taking other skins as basis, LOL) - it has plenty of rounded buttons that do their job even if you click outside the "circle" of the button but inside the rectangle that the circle is tangent to.

By the way, which skin are you using? If it's public, maybe I could have a more informed opinion...
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