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Unread postby m.samuel » 28 Jun 2018 19:12
I wasn't sure how to search for this question so apologies if it was asked before

I was looking for a way to disable/dismiss these silly numbers showing beside menu items between round brackets when using the Windows skin. They show up like this:

File(1) View(2) Play(3)...etc

Unread postby D2NP » 28 Jun 2018 19:33
WindowFrame.dsf -> unzip -> edit StringTable.txt
Code: Select all
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_FILE' String='{$CP949=파일(&1)$}{$CP936=文件(&1)$}{$CP950=檔案[b](&1)[/b]$}{$CP0=File(&1)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_VIEW' String='{$CP949=보기(&2)$}{$CP936=观看(&2)$}{$CP950=檢視(&2)$}{$CP0=View(&2)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_PLAY' String='{$CP949=재생(&3)$}{$CP936=播放(&3)$}{$CP950=播放(&3)$}{$CP0=Play(&3)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_SUB' String='{$CP949=자막(&4)$}{$CP936=字幕(&4)$}{$CP950=字幕(&4)$}{$CP0=Subtitle(&4)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_VIDEO' String='{$CP949=영상(&5)$}{$CP936=视频(&5)$}{$CP950=視訊(&5)$}{$CP0=Video(&5)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_AUDIO' String='{$CP949=음성(&6)$}{$CP936=声音(&6)$}{$CP950=音訊(&6)$}{$CP0=Audio(&6)$}' />
   <StringTable Name='$MENU_HELP' String='{$CP949=도움말(&7)$}{$CP936=帮助(&7)$}{$CP950=說明(&7)$}{$CP0=Help(&7)$}' />
and delete (&1) (&2) ... (&7)
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Unread postby m.samuel » 28 Jun 2018 22:37
Thanks a lot. It worked fine!
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