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Unread postby bastik » 01 Jan 2015 20:11
Note: I am not the creator of this skin. All credit goes to its artist.


I uploaded the .dsf file to various mirrors, so you can choose the one you like or trust the most.

Download BlackBox3_en.dsf from

Update: I realized that not all of them are that great. Some provide downloaders instead of just the file, some require you to wait (OK, that is reasonable for some), or to fill out CAPTCHAs.

To avoid you getting crap, here are some checksum of the file I uploaded.
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MD5: 294FF2EC9AF075FE465D5031F9D1097E
SHA-1: 364FE8617A01B163EE76A3E7B382ED90A4A875E5
SHA-256: 6FF821F14C63B2C07CC781D7F415504B12B95163BADB531783FFA723AD7465CC
SHA-512: E173EA405A8CB6335271A464269778ADAB21F1D8CEE429DFDE0A292C249CF202FB1452ACC567FBA0BE3AFAC4DA065AC99B1AC35AA5940DC0DE8B797FC775C80D
Unread postby nokturrduk84 » 06 Jun 2015 11:55
Hi, I want to add "cycle repeat playback" button to this skin, but I don't know how to do that. Can anyone tell me instructions or is it easy or hard? Or where can I request it?
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